Wrenched - Picture Book

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Willa’s tools are disappearing from her workshop, and it’s making her crazy! She has to solve this strange mystery, so she can get back to inventing really cool things.

Wrenched is the story of Willa, a young down-on-her-luck inventor, who discovers her tools are being stolen from her farmyard workshop by a mysterious thief.

Willa is a strong-willed, creative girl. She loves science and technology, building rocket bikes, robotic hands for the farmyard sheep, and even a little video surveillance. But she can’t do any of that without her tools, so she sets out to unmask the sneaky crook, and recover all her missing stuff.

Along the way, Willa is outsmarted, makes mistakes, sends a rocket into space, and most importantly of all, rediscovers her creative confidence.

Wrenched is techy, and silly, and ridiculously fun.

Artist Edition Book Details:

36 pages
full colour
25.4 cm x 20.32 cm (10″ x 8″)
80lb uncoated paper
100lb matte cover with soft touch lamination
ISBN 978-1-7751965-3-2 (paperback)

Ryan Reid Illustration + Design