Survival Anxiety Issue 1 - Don't panic.


Sum of parts

In Issue 1 of Survival Anxiety Comic & Stories, the crows are judgemental, Death is sardonic, and space explorers extraordinaire - Robot and Francis the Sheep - find themselves in the usual trouble. Unique comic art, an assortment of original pandemic-era drawings, and a couple of really short-short stories.

Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories is a funny, strange, and sometimes dark comic art zine. Each issue is a collection of comics, short-short stories, and illustrations focused primarily on how absurd life is absolutely everywhere.


Coincidental Tea (short-short story)
The Great Caw Caw (comic)
I am Death (comic)
Robot Fixes the Engine (comic)
Crows and Climate Change (comic)
Death and Agatha McMurray (comic)
These Days (comic)
The Meaning of Life (comic)
It Must Be Tuesday (comic)
Death Takes a Break (comic)
The Secret to Great Adventure (comic)
Magical thinking (comic)
Support System (comic)
Memo Re: End of World (short-short story)

Details, Yo.

A5 (14.8cm x 21cm / 5.83″ x 8.27″)
Artsy black & white
24 pages (cover to cover)
Printed on 80lb uncoated paper (nice)